Mould Clamp Sets- Open Toe

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Forged Mould clamp sets Including: Clamp, Adjusting Screw, Forged washer and (optional) bolt

133mm length clamps for 16mm and 20mm bolts
178mm length clamps for 16mm and 20mm bolts


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SKU Length for bolt bolt PriceQuantity
AC1FOA 13316mm- 20.69
AC1FOB 13316mmM16x90mm 21.82
AC1FOC 13316mmM16x110mm 22.27
AC2FOA 13320mm- 23.17
AC2FOB 13320mmM20x90mm 25.55
AC2FOC 13320mmM20x110mm 26.00
AC3FOA 17816mm- 21.45
AC3FOB 17816mmM16x90mm 22.58
AC3FOC 17816mmM16x110mm 22.92
AC4FOA 17820mm- 23.82
AC4FOB 17820mmM20x90mm 26.33
AC4FOC 17820mmM20x110mm 27.01


  • Rust and corrosion resistant, black oxide or zinc finish‚
  • Stronger and longer lasting than machined clamps
  • Forged, hi tensile hardened steel
  • Forged to our design and specification

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133, 178

for bolt

16mm, 20mm


-, M16x90mm, M16x110mm, M20x110mm, M20x90mm


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